Enjoy the fresh air..

Enjoy The Fresh Air!

Cairns is a great place to get outdoors and be active. There are a huge range of paths, trails and cycle ways that allow you to explore this beautiful region at your own pace.


Whether you’re a downhill adrenaline junkie, an intrepid bike-packer, a casual cyclist or just starting out, you’ll find your mountain-biking nirvana in Tropical North Queensland.With hundreds of kilometres of trails across the region, including more than 700 kilometres of easily accessible trails in the Cairns region alone, there really is something for every kind of rider.

Smithfield Mountain Bike Park in Cairns – the highest-profile rainforest trail network in the world and host of many past world-championship racing events – is the place to tap into a superlative trail-riding experience and just one of several world-class mountain-bike parks in the region.

In the cities and towns there are well-developed bike paths and cycle ways that make it an easy choice to park the car and get to know your surrounds under your own steam. Or take to the hard-packed, easy-riding sands of the region’s beaches for a uniquely tropical mountain-biking experience that’s suitable for the whole family.


Whether you’re an expert bushwalker up for a long-haul hike or a Sunday stroller looking for something more leisurely, there’s a huge range of walks to suit every desire and ability.

The terrain in Tropical North Queensland covers an entire geographical and botanical spectrum, from coastal lowland to mountains; treks through dense rainforest in places like Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest mountain, to the cloud forests of Walsh’s Pyramid, the wet sclerophyll forest of Kahlpahlim Rock and Lambs Head and the open woodlands and savannahs of the Undara National Park.

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